Joining the Christchurch Chamber of Trade and Commerce is a great way to become part of the Christchurch business community. It will enable you to raise the profile of your business and network with like-minded business owners. You will be able to post you business details on this site, attend our events, contribute to our newsletter and become involved with the issues that affect us all in Christchurch.

Our Membership fees from 1st January 2021 reflect the size of your business and are as follows:

£35 per annum for 1 to 5 employees

£65 per annum for 6 to 25 employees

£100 per annum for 26 to 99 employees

£150 per annum for 99+ employees

Your subscription is likely to be tax-deductible – so what have you to lose?

Go on – apply now.

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    Established in 1930, Christchurch Chamber of Trade and Commerce became a company limited by guarantee in 2006. It is a not-for-profit company, registered in England No. 5687049, with registered offices at 10 Bridge St, Christchurch, BH23 1EF

    The objectives of the Company are:
    • To consider and promote all lawful measures, plans and schemes to further, improve and secure the trading, commercial and other interests of the Borough of Christchurch ‘Christchurch’)
    • To advance commercial and technical education
    • To promote a spirit of goodwill and unity among the traders and business community based in Christchurch
    • To support fair principles of trading for members.

    We have members from all business types and an Executive Committee which meets monthly to discuss current issues, business development and promotional opportunities within the Christchurch area. We are here to support the whole range of the businesses from small to large and in all parts of the former Borough of Christchurch.