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Joining the Christchurch Chamber of Trade and Commerce is a great way to become part of the Christchurch business community. It will enable you to raise the profile of your business and network with like-minded business owners. You will be able to post you business details on this site, attend our events, contribute to our newsletter and become involved with the issues that affect us all in Christchurch.

Our Membership fees  reflect the size of your business and from 1st January 2022 are as follows:

£35 per annum for 1 to 5 employees

£65 per annum for 6 to 25 employees

£100 per annum for 26 to 99 employees

£150 per annum for 99+ employees

Your subscription is likely to be tax-deductible – so what have you to lose?

Go on – apply now.

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    Established in 1930, Christchurch Chamber of Trade and Commerce became a company limited by guarantee in 2006. It is a not-for-profit company, registered in England No. 5687049, with registered offices at 10 Bridge St, Christchurch, BH23 1EF

    Our philosophy is that the success of each business is dependent on the success of neighbours and the vibrancy of the area. Christchurch Chamber uses modest member subscriptions to cover operating expenses and raises resources for projects via events and our newsletter.

    As an individual, your opinion matters but can often be ignored. Individual businesses can feel isolated from the general business community; by joining the Chamber you will be able to call on our mutual strength and support.  Collectively, local businesses can make an impact on issues that affect the success of the area; together we can inform and influence economic development strategies. The Chamber is your local association and represents your interests.


    Your ideas can help to launch award-winning, self-sustaining events. The Christchurch Food Festival started with an idea in the Chamber. The successful ‘£1 for 2 hours parking’ in the town centre was started by us and the strength that came from being a group of businesses enabled us to persuade the reluctant Council to adopt it. Your participation, however small, can make a difference to us all.

    The Chamber will provide you with the ability to mix, share and work alongside others that share similar views and concerns. Via our newsletter and meetings and seminars held when important issues are raised, the Chamber will provide you with one of the most effective means of keeping your business informed and involved. We will help you to build relationships with other businesses in the area which may well enable you to conduct more trade locally. The Chamber maintains an influential voice on local business issues with the BCP Council that affect members directly.

    Application for membership is open to all individual persons, companies and unincorporated bodies actively engaged in business in the former borough of Christchurch (‘Christchurch’). The Executive Committee may, at their absolute discretion, refuse to accept any application for membership to the Company. All members are entitled to one vote at general meetings (unless otherwise stated herein). Each member not being an individual has the right to appoint one representative and at any time by giving notice in writing to the Company may cancel the appointment and appoint another instead. Each such member must confirm the name of its representative at the company’s request. The representative has the right to attend and to vote at general meetings of the Company and any vote given shall be valid unless prior to the vote the Company receives written notice ending the representative’s authority. Every member of the Company (save where specifically excluded) shall pay an annual subscription to the Company at such rate as the Company determines at the Annual General Meeting. All subscriptions shall become due on the 1st January in each year and an invoice will be sent to each member by the Company Secretary. No member of the Company shall be entitled to vote at a general meeting of the Company if that member has outstanding subscription arrears. A member stops being a member of the Company if the member resigns from membership by giving notice in writing to the Company; or if any member has arrears of subscriptions outstanding at the date of the Annual General Meeting of the Company then, subject to the exercise of the discretion of the Executive Committee, membership of the Company shall automatically cease. However, the Executive Committee may make a resolution allowing anyone no longer eligible for membership to remain a member on such terms as it thinks fit. The Executive Committee may suspend the rights of any member by giving him or her notice in writing of the suspension. Within 28 days of receiving that notice the member can send or give an appeal in writing to the Company against the suspension. If no appeal is received, the member automatically stops being a member. If an appeal is received within the time limit, the suspension must be confirmed or lifted by the next meeting of the Executive Committee. The member has the right to be heard at the meeting. Every member of the Company agrees to contribute to the Company, the sum of £1 or any smaller amount required if: • The Company is wound up while he or she is a member or within a year afterwards and • The Company has debts and liabilities which it cannot meet out of its assets